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anyone own an M-audio firewire solo?

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17 Apr 2007 00:21 | Quote
United States
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Hello all,
I bought an M audio firewire solo a few weeks back to record my playing...unfortunately I cannot get the damn thing to work! I see that the signal is being sent to the computer- however when I try to record using audacity nothing picks's very odd- I'm not sure if its because I'm using audacity or not. who knows. if anyone is good at trouble shooting, or may have had the same problem- any info is helpful! :)
Thank you lads!
17 Apr 2007 06:21 | Quote
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I think this is a thing to be asked in some computer stuff related forum. What exactly do you mean by saying "I see that the signal is being sent to the computer"?
17 Apr 2007 20:06 | Quote
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Yeah well i thought i'd give it a shot on this forum-

anywho, the m audio came with software and when i play i can see the little mid bars going up and down as to indicate it is receiving the input
18 Apr 2007 19:41 | Quote
United States
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hmm. thats interesting.. sorry, i really cant help you out.. but let me know if you got it working cuz im looking for a recorder and just wanna see if M-audio is a decent one.. o yeah.. read the manual.. LOL! that should help..peace =)
20 Apr 2007 11:13 | Quote
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I'm honestly not a computer whizz or anything, but sometimes you have to configure your computer to accept inputs from another source. In other words, you have to check that the m audio is properly connected and that all the signal is being picked up by the computer, which might explain why you can seee the sound levels but hear no sound...

That's probably all I can say I'm afraid

21 Apr 2007 12:55 | Quote
United States
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yeah thanks for the advice guys- i will see what i can do and let you know how it turns out.

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