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blind guitaring

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5 Apr 2007 02:53 | Quote
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Since blind people cannot read guitar chord diagrams, where can one obtain a list of recommended finger placements for beginner chords in text format?
6 Apr 2007 07:28 | Quote
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Good question on that I have overlooked and never thought anything about
Having a dig around and came back with some suggestions (I will have to charge) only a joke.

I leave a couple of links that may be of help for you. Just copy and paste the link into the address bar

this group seems to offer more with chords you may have to order. I can't think of any more but will let you know

If I can remember that a software programme out for just the thing you have been asking I will post it up when I find the name of the site. I think Microsoft did it but I would not quote me on that

Hope this

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