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22 Nov 2005 03:52 | Quote
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I started playing guitar by learning the tabs of my favourite songs now I can play some tough music but I don'tknow which chord to apply and when to a certain song.
What I'am trying to say here is that I can't figure out the right chords to a songs.Do I need some theories or much more ear practice, Plz Help me on this one.
If you've gotta link or any other resources, that would be quite appreciable..
2 Dec 2005 14:39 | Quote
Posts: 15
i would say i need to develope your ear a bit, my ears really suck but ive found that playing to backing tracks and trying to figure out the keys of the track or the chords its made from, can help.
2 Dec 2005 14:41 | Quote
Posts: 15
and if u still can do it connect a tuner to your speackers, somtimes it works ;)
14 Dec 2005 15:49 | Quote
Posts: 4
throw away tuners and dont use tabs, as you can see, it hinders you in the end...pick a song and KNOW what chord its in by the WAY it sounds..also remember, that some songs are NOT in standard tuning..some are higher, and some are lower, but if you know what a D, G, A sounds like, youll figure it out...


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