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19 Sep 2010 16:55 | Quote
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United Kingdom
Hi i have just found this site as i am looking for some advice , i have got a 12 string EKO acuostic which was given to me by my father in law ,the problem with it is the back plate is spliting and the neck/body are wanting to meet each other ,my father in law did try and fix it with wood glue and a new stock but no joy, could i put a new back plate on it ( to strengthen the old on )if so what could the pit falls be ie sound not arsed with how heavyer it could as i only play in a little pub now and again (work permiting )would love to get the old back as when it is played it sounds sweet ps its around 30 years old cheers mike
19 Sep 2010 21:32 | Quote
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hmmm dunno man, show us a picture and we can really tell you what to do with it... but from the sounds of things... it'll just LOOK good on your wall.

I'd buy a new one (might cost less than repairing) but then again, I am a n00b when it comes to the designing and maths of guitars - I'm just a theory freak.

Ask Afro or EMB. :)
19 Sep 2010 21:50 | Quote
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hmm not sure i understand...

you know the back plate is just the piece of plastic covering the pots?

Maybe a picture would clarify it, but i dont really understand..
20 Sep 2010 11:07 | Quote
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If it is fixable you are going to need a special clamp or two.
2nd pictures.
20 Sep 2010 12:05 | Quote
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cheers will put up a photo , as i dont think i explain it very well so a photo could help .once again thanks now to get my youngest to up load photo as i am clueless LOL

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