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''Theory'' question :/

17 Sep 2010 18:02 | Quote
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Hello all. Im new here and it's been a while that i've been trying to be tought music through internet and stuff. So... i would like to make a question regarding keys and such of a particular song that confuses me a bit.

I guess you're all familiar with Bon Jovi's Dead or alive...

As far as i know.. that song seems to be written in a D natural minor key... replacing the D chord with a Dsus2 or something. Dunno if that's correct but that's what i assumed.

So... my question is , that 4th G degree in the chord progression shouldn't it be minor instead of Major that Richie plays it ? Or what grants you the ability to substitute that ?

Sorry for the trouble and stuff... just trying to find my way :) Thanks in advance for any answers that may come up, great site.
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Sorry if this doesn't help, but I think one of the beautiful things about music is that there are no rules to what you come up with. Mabye they were mixin' it up, or you might have the wrong key by accident.

Hope that helps...
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The intro to the song is played around the minor but once the verse kicks in the song switches to the D Major. That's why he uses G Major. This is one of those songs like Sweet Home Alabama. It's played in D but the chords used are from the G Major Diatonics. Most would play G C D but these song progress backwards D C G. Like Jguitar914 said THERE ARE NO RULES. If it sounds good PLAY IT!! I hope this helps.
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In chord progressions it is often helpful and refreshing to change out a minor for a major chord and vice versa. Depending on which chord of the progression it is, it can work out well.

Such as with the harmonic minor "scale"
18 Sep 2010 09:57 | Quote
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Okkkkkkkkay :) I think i got confused because i followed mostly the resovling to the D chord for confirmation of the key. I guess he could switch the main verse part for a G major , thanks a lot :) Thanks everybody xD

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