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New song recording

16 Sep 2010 09:02 | Quote
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United Kingdom
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I've had a chance to get down another song of mine before my mate goes to uni which then means use of his studio is restricted. Anyway this one is slightly more upbeat than the others.
16 Sep 2010 09:15 | Quote
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I really like it! I can definitely picture this being one of people's favourite tracks on your album.

Your harmonies are really good, timing is right, melodically it's perfect. Really great job dude!

Is that you reaching the high notes at "Little Bobby Byrne"? If so, noice! haha Don't know that many guys who can reach that note :)
16 Sep 2010 14:44 | Quote
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i have a feeling heather will like this, i think shes down in the country hah

wow very cool, has a southern country intro feel and vocals...

Honestly i think this would be a more succesful song if you moved to more tradition standard...

hear me out.

The vocals are wicked, melody and harmonies are cool. however you are gonna have a very select audience with the country feel, if you move the feel to an aacoustic so the feel of the song is slower, not necesarily slower tempo, i think itll be more widely liked and more popular.

just my opinion, i really like it
21 Sep 2010 17:22 | Quote
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Wow! I really dug this tune.... Nice all the way.... But then who am I but just a man that is listening. Good stuff.
21 Sep 2010 18:21 | Quote
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TheEbida says:
who am I but just a man that is listening.

That's what the world needs, more people who LISTEN. Music is about listening not glitz and glam. A blind man would be your best critic. He cares if a girls vocals are flat even if her chest isn't. He listens to the guitar playing and cares none for the player. Music is the museum of fine art for the EARS.

jcb3000..thanks for another contribution. I hope you can rip out one more before the studio time ends. KEEP IT UP

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