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What do you think about Pink Floyd?

27 Aug 2010 15:59 | Quote
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What do you think about Pink Floyd?
27 Aug 2010 16:44 | Quote
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I think your missing Syd Barret.
27 Aug 2010 19:23 | Quote
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If i could love them anymore then i do already i would... and probably explode with love... And my body would explode a thousand colors and stars bursting out in harmony. :)

Imo theyre my favorite band. Ever.

Heres why:

Personally i think their music is tops and insanely awesome. However i have other favorites... Phish, gratful dead, CSN, skynyrd, allman brothers, but for me pink floyd has it all.

Phish has lame lyrics. i said it. Lame. Awesomely amazing concerts and musicians but lame lyrics, Grateful dead is absolutly insane in every aspect, CSN is insane in every aspect, skynyrd is great along with the allman brothers...

What separates pink floyd from the grateful dead and CSN is their complete and total uniqueness. I have yet to see ANY band come close to their style and keep the musicality, Ex. A band could be as spacey and as out there but without the musicality and deep lyrics, and imo theyre the complete package, and no one have even come close to doing something similar to them puts them in a category all alone, and separate from the dead and CSN
27 Aug 2010 19:55 | Quote
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I think the intro to Time is very creative. David gilmore is great with harmonics.

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