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10 Nov 2005 14:00 | Quote
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Hey folks!

How can I play Jazz ? I mean is there any special scale for it ? can i use the blues scale ? or how are the differents in playing jazz music? :)
10 Nov 2005 22:10 | Quote
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United States
Now you are staring to talk my language. You can never go wrong with a blues scale or just a pnetatonic scale. But if you you want to add complexity to your sound then add in riffs that Dorian, Mixolydian, Lydian,or Phrygian. Add the element of chords that are Root7 #9 of Root 7 b9 and you will have some really cool sounds. The choice of the scale will determin if you want happy mood or somber. Dorian is typically played over minor7 chords. Try playing an "A" Dorian scale over an Am7 to D9 chord transistion.

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