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5 Aug 2010 22:29 | Quote
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Hey guys ever since that "Money" Topic i posted ive been taking all your ways and earning some extra money
So i was wondering how much would a normal recording stuido cost
Like the works
Recording software, All the switches and knobs that i need
but im gonna try and get the best i can im at about 150$ and if i keep working i suppose i could make some more money pretty soon!
As long as i keep to mowing lawns! :D

Anything you didnt understand?
Feel free to ask!

EDIT: Like you guys record and post them on music sharing sites I'd like to find a way to do that with good quality if you know what i mean! =]
6 Aug 2010 01:45 | Quote
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*cough**pirate**cough* :D

I have been using this one VST plugin called GuitarSuite, and it sounds pretty amazing for being FREE :D

For recording things, I use Reaper. It's pretty good, but some like Cakewalk, Pro-Tools, Cubase, etc.

I would suggest reading up on some of these things, but there are plenty of competent FREE softwares out there. Just got to look ;)

6 Aug 2010 01:56 | Quote
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for a Good professional studio,you need more than 20.000,period

on the other hand if you want something nice for home recording,you can use downloaded stuff,there are tons of free stuff,and you need an audio should really investigate about that
6 Aug 2010 11:08 | Quote
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Alright thanks guys
Im going to look into those.
But 20.000?
Yup wont make that in my childhood but you never know lol
I'll just make enough when i get a real full - time job! =]

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