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help? if possible.

5 Aug 2010 00:42 | Quote
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does anyone know where to find the tab or know how to play this song with one guitar? cause sadly i dont have a doubleneck and the two necks are in different tunings. :P
5 Aug 2010 04:54 | Quote
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His guitar looks like an Ovation... it's beautiful! and what a brilliant song.

I always recommend trying to figure this kinda stuff out on your own so it helps you progress as an amazing musician. One way to do this is by looking at the chords he's playing, play that chord position then tune it so it sounds exactly what he's playing.

Besides figuring out the tuning and finding tabs, I wasn't able to find anything so maybe set a new challenge and be the first to tab out such a great song. :)
5 Aug 2010 12:14 | Quote
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Awesome song! Sounds like open G to me. D G D G B D
5 Aug 2010 12:24 | Quote
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Thanks guys! ill try my best to get it down. haha. i love this song so much.
5 Aug 2010 18:58 | Quote
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just check this out! =]

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