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8 Nov 2005 11:55 | Quote
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I am wanting to get a better quality record sound when I play the accoustic guitar. Does anyone have any reccomendations for a microphone?
8 Nov 2005 12:38 | Quote
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I am no expert but I have found using a condenser mic rather than a dynamic one gives better results. For instance, I used to used a Shure SM58 to record things. Now the Frequency response on the SM58 is 50 to 15,000 Hz. It's just not enough frequency range to catch a decent sound. It's a great stage mic. I got a Marshall Electronics MXL V57M for recording vocals but it's frequency response has helped be get a much richer acoustic guitar sound as well. It's frequency response is 30 - 20,000Hz. As you can see it's much wider than the SM58. The cost on this mic is fairly low a well which made it nice.

Shure SM58
Marshall Electronics MXL V57M

Again I am no guru by any means, but a condenser mic gave me a much better sound than a dynamic mic.
1 Aug 2006 01:38 | Quote
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