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What chord is this?

Music Theory
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A, C#, G. When i do this in the chord name section i get nothing. I figured it as a Adom.7th drop the 5th. Why is this not listed? Its a buetifuull chord. Try it. clean toned.
the C# implies major. And the dominate 7th implies minor. What does that then mean? Or am i confused.
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It's an A7 no 5th. The degrees as listed are 1 7 1 3 7
Just because you see a dominant 7th does not make it minor. Dominant only means that the 7th is flatted. If you see Major 7th or M7 it means that the 7th is not flatted. So if you see CmMaj7 it is a C minor Major 7th=c minor with a natural 7th. Kinda sounds augmented. Experiment with 7th chords they can make ordinary chords more colorful.

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