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8 Jul 2010 23:25 | Quote
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Hello people , my very estimated longtime unseen folks, dudes & dudettes.
I havent written in the forums for long time, but now i'm stepping into a territory i cant wander around alone. Metaphorically of course.

The Case:
I will graduate from high school next year, around june. For newbies, i live in México. I have been trying for a long time to go study somewhere else, in some other country in means of exchange student. this goal i never reached, being the time, my grades or both the barrier keeping me from getting there. My grades have not been above the average, even though i know i can go for the A+ equivalent without lots of effort. Now i came upon the idea or concept that i'm about to graduate and best i can aim for college or university is my actual school, which is among the best in mexico, and i have gratitude towards the fact, but i dont want to be tied up on it as my best option, that with my feet down on earth the reality of the matter is as stated, my actual school, ITESM would be the best i can ahieve. I realized i was fckd up, and pardon the arrogance, i know i can do better than most guys I've met. Having that been said I'll walk straight to the point. Last week I talked about this to a cousin of mine that lives with his family in FL, USA. He talked to me about the advantages of the american educational system, APs, Honors, College's applications, etc. We both went on a long talk and we concluded that i had a very good oportunity right there. Stoneman Douglas high is at the corner of my aunt's house in Florida. The oportunity i see is: I could Repeat my last high school year (11th) in the states and then graduate there. This will give me the oportunity to "redeem" my non ambicious gradesof 1 year and do 12th with my current attitude, one of superation and really making an effort.
The thing is that in the states there are many more good Universities and they have a way better level than in Mexico. Besides, Theres something way to good up there: MBAs.

Ill go straight:

my main problem is that i dont know if there is a posibility to study in an american public school being mexican(maybe paying for the school as i dont pay taxes)?
Ive alsso gotten to heard of people that are adopted by a related resident or citizen in order to be able to assist to an american school. How viable or practical would this be?

-thx for reading
8 Jul 2010 23:34 | Quote
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In the meanwhile, have a laugh with this picture.
@Phip: You know what to do

9 Jul 2010 01:38 | Quote
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Te vas al Tec? yo acabare ahi en un mes al parecer....

no tengo idea si puedas estudiar en una escuela publica amigo,pero necesitas ver que plan de estudios y de pagos hay...por lo general si tienen variados en diferentes escuelas para extranjeros
9 Jul 2010 06:54 | Quote
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honestly i wouldnt know, i can say many americans dont look too great on mexicans. i would do it legally i dont know how you would do this though...

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