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"Pay Me (I'm Handcuffed)"

5 Jul 2010 22:13 | Quote
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Tell me what you think! Im also thinking about calling it "I'm Handcuffed, So Pay Me", or even simply just "Handcuffed".

Verse 1:
I'm sick and tired of all the people,
Who treat their lives like
As they treat their lives as a business,
They cut, burn, and slash their way to the top.
With fat wallets, well-fed stomachs, and money that is never enough.
With little lies, no compromises, when does it ever stop?

Prechorus 1:
And as I leave, I wanna leave the light on.
And as I leave, I wanna leave in handcuffs.

Chorus 1:
If life's a play then I'm just a straight-cast actor.
Fill the room with all my leading men.
Forget the costumes, I don't need 'em!
After all my life's a joke.
It's a comedy,
or maybe a tragedy,
Hopefully not a travesty.
Your Majesty, may I see your crown?
I'll flip it around,
Wear it upside down.
I'll be your own personal clown,
But only if you pay.
Only if you pay me.

Verse 2:
I'm sick and tired of all the people,
Who only see life for what's evil.
They scream at someone else's demon,
The news of genocide, murder, tragedy.
You cry why them, why now, why not me?
You cry it's a hard life, it's not right, how long 'till it's me?

Prechorus 2:
And as I leave, I'll leave the TV on.
And as I leave, I'll leave in handcuffs.

Chorus 2:
If life's a game then it's Monopoly, and I'm in Jail,
As the board continues to fill successful for everyone else.
Forget the pieces, I don't need 'em!
After all I might as well be in Jail!
Far as I can tell,
My life's Hell.
Pass the alcohol, I'm damn worthless.
That makes two of us,
Let's go to the street and give ourselves
Away to whoever will pay.
Only if they pay.

Standing here.
Dying here, I'm handcuffed for you.
I need you now.
I need you now.
I need you now sweet green.
You transcend happiness,
And I'll do anything for you,
Just get me out of these handcuffs.
And then you can pay me.

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