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28 Jun 2010 14:08 | Quote
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I was inspiered by Empirisms topic of Literals.

Shreds are videos of guitarists that are overdubed by some guys who plays s crappy solo over the real one. The first time I saw this I thought it was just a really bad performance!

28 Jun 2010 14:10 | Quote
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Here's another. These things kill me.

28 Jun 2010 15:14 | Quote
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how about this monster

29 Jun 2010 14:47 | Quote
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hahaha, these ones are so funny. The best thing about them is the people commenting on them and writing smething like: "Oh god, Eddie Van Halen is the best, not many can play like him"
Or the other group of people who don't get it as well and say something like: "I have seen kids at the guitar center play better than this guy"

haha, this is so hilarious
29 Jun 2010 15:00 | Quote
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Yeah. Not only are the videos themselves hilarious but the people saying "I dont get it" or "wow! Clapton had a bad night!"
30 Jun 2010 12:22 | Quote
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i love these things, "One" by Metallica is absolutely hilarious.
4 Jul 2010 14:26 | Quote
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I dont understand the draw to such a thing.

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