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26 Jun 2010 02:31 | Quote
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To the late Michael Jackson,its been already a year since he passed away,He was (still is) my biggest influence and source of inspiration,If it wasn't for Him,i wouldn't be he,doing what i do,being who i am.

I did this with a lot of respect, for whom i consider, the greatest artist of all time.

I want to dedicate this song also to Grandma Berserker, who sadly passed away two days ago at the age of 81...

Here is the video:
26 Jun 2010 08:09 | Quote
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United States
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Very sorry to hear about your Grandma B.
I very much liked your tribute song. It has all the ingredients of melancholy and sweet sorrow. Nicely done and appropriate.
27 Jun 2010 13:33 | Quote
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Thanks a lot man,a second mother to me...RIP for both of them!
27 Jun 2010 14:49 | Quote
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United Kingdom
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Really sorry to hear about that dude :( It always sucks when someone passes, but what's good is that she was happy while she was still here... and I'm sure she felt blessed to have such a talented grandson!

Your tribute is beautiful and I'm sure both of them would have definitely loved it. It's moving, emotional, and so very passionate! Cheer up my friend, your grams would never want to see you sad. :)
30 Jun 2010 15:43 | Quote
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that was beautiful. im sorry about your grandma

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