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24 Jun 2010 21:18 | Quote
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Okay. It seems like I've just been hitting a wall right now. I've tried to record things, wasn't satisfied. I'm not even happy to just jam anymore. I've been jamming with my uncle's country/bluegrass band lately, and it's basically turned into a drunken parade, and truthfully isn't very fun anymore. I'm no longer learning from it. Plus, I still can't find a band. I just feel like everything's worthless, and no matter how hard I try, I'm not getting any better, and nothings going to happen, and no one is going to notice. I don't know what to do anymore. I've been staying up to 5 and 6 o' clock in the morning, sleeping all day, not being able to get out of the house, and when I do, it never amounts to anything. I can't even find a job to get some money. It's just a really depressing feeling, and like I'm in a rut. And yes, so many of you have it so much worse, and I'm talking out my ass. I know. I'm just trying to find a way out. OR at least someone else who's been there before.

24 Jun 2010 22:23 | Quote
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Hey dude, you know what? Hang out with friends. Honestly I'm in a little bit of a hectic spot right now too and honestly if I don't feel musically driven at the time, I just call up a friend and see if they want to hang out for a while and do something fun or just talk and watch tv. Doing that and getting your mind away from things going on in your life(or talking about them) will help you tenfold rather than just sitting there dwelling on them.
If you feel that you need to have some sort of event happen in order to measure how things are going for the band thang, look on Craigslist for members that you need(under the "Musicians" tab at the top) and give some people a call. You would be surprised at how willing people will be toward something if you break it down for them and let them know what you are looking for as a sort of "feel" for the "sound" of the band.
Don't fret it too much man, it will soon pass, you just need to try to stay positive about things and their outcomes.

Cut back on the "forced" recordings and such, since those types of recordings only tend to aggravate the player and not help them.

Keep your head up, don't get down, don't think poorly of yourself, and really just listen to this song:

Just listen to it a few times and let the words and music really "hit" you.

You'll be alright bro, just keep movin'

25 Jun 2010 11:11 | Quote
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Ozzy old buddy old pal,
It's summer, get out of bed and enjoy it! Put the git down for a week or two and hang out with your buds. Later this fall you can write some songs about it.
As far as bands are concerned that requires networking and that requires people so once again get out of the house! LOL
Your playing CAN get better but that requires self examination and then the painful task of fixing your flaws and then challenging yourself to play harder material. (i'm going through that now)
But first................................
job? why not go to the local golf course and see if you can get a job as a caddy? have a caddyshack summer!
25 Jun 2010 11:56 | Quote
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Thanks guys. (:

And Phip, thanks for cheering me up, lol. I laughed the whole time I read that haha.

Thanks guys.

25 Jun 2010 13:07 | Quote
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I think Phip pretty much summed it up for you. If you goal with guitar is to get in a band and get "noticed", then take advantage of the summer time and not play guitar every waking second. Use this time now to network, like Phip said, and have fun with your home boys and home girls.
Because when that time comes that you do get noticed, guitar wont be a choice anymore. You'll get conned into signing a contract and you will have to play guitar every day until you've done your piece. Only to be woken up in the middle of the night because your producer thinks your riffs suck.

Go and out have a good time. I know it sounds appealing to sit at home and play guitar, but having fun in life is way more important than guitar.

«Rock on!»
25 Jun 2010 14:54 | Quote
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I have a baby, a four year old, a job, and a wife. I don't have time to be depressed or even play the guitar for that matter. I would LOVE to be at home all day with time to play the guitar enough to be sick of it. I'm just saying. The grass is always greener on the other side.

Another thing you can do is use that time to write. Not music but your words of how things are for you now on paper. But I think Phip and GS124 are right. Get the F*** out the house! Take long walks or go to the music store or whatever. Some times you have to get away from yourself to find yourself again.

Like Emp says, CHEERS!
25 Jun 2010 22:31 | Quote
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Getting out isn't as easy as you think for me though. I love to, but most of my friends live in the country, like 45 minutes out, and the one that lives in town is a p!ssy. Why's that matter? There's some lame West Side Story style BS going on right now. Anyway, even if I did have some friends to chill with, there's nothing to do but walk around town. None of us can drive yet, and there's no designated place for kids to hang out, and if there was, the town's head-people would shut it down FAST. They've done it to several places people used to hang out around. But, walking around town scaring people with our more-than-four-inch hair is pretty fun lol.
26 Jun 2010 01:37 | Quote
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I was like you until i found psychedelic drugs and mdma..its magic you know...

Lol jk, but really,make your life differant amigo! Met new ppl, go to a park and talk to a ranfom girl, get some of your friends and do somethiing, form a band, buy ilegal alcohol, do fun stuff!

Yesterday i realized that we are just on vacations on earth for a short period of time, make it worth living!

Get a gf dude, discover new bands, new genres, i was paralyzed in prog metal and virtoso jazz funk, it made me sick, then i found psytrance and electronic music and my life changed

Just go for it!

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