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problem with strings

18 Jun 2010 03:35 | Quote
Joined: 24 Oct 2008
hi ... amm i have acoustic guitar but the problem is in the strings can any one show me the proper way to clean'em to last longer ??
18 Jun 2010 09:41 | Quote
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get some string cleaner from a guitar shop, its pretty cheap
18 Jun 2010 17:48 | Quote
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The coated strings like Elixar will last longer but you also pay more for them.

Was your hands before you play. Look if you eat dinner and then pick up your guitar guess what your going to get your dinner gunk on your strings.

Get a soft cloth and wipe down both sides of your strings before and after each time you play.
18 Jun 2010 19:35 | Quote
Joined: 21 Apr 2010
Try D'addario strings. Silk and Steel. c", Before you put in your new strings try to boil it with salt so that it will not rust easily..
19 Jun 2010 21:00 | Quote
Joined: 05 Jun 2010
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I use wd40. I dont know if thats a good idea or not.
20 Jun 2010 06:46 | Quote
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i will try to use them strings but the boil thing with salt ... amm i don't know can u tell me more about it
20 Jun 2010 08:47 | Quote
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Just my opinion but there are plenty of over the counter string cleaners like "fast fret" available where you buy your strings. I don't see the need for "home remedies". I use Fast Fret and it works fine. When the strings finally get old there isn't much you can do except replace them. Strings are short money. You can't make them last forever.
I wouldn't use wd40 because it's going to get on the fretboard and everytime i get my metal car near water and salt it rusts out so.............
Edit: I was just told that the salt water thing works, so ok I was wrrrrrong, but how much effort are you going to put into trying to save a crappy old set of strings? LOL
20 Jun 2010 09:37 | Quote
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its not the strings its the fretboard, the oils from your hand go to the fretboard then to the strings, clean the fretboard, then your strings and your good
17 Sep 2010 10:43 | Quote
Joined: 17 Sep 2010
Folks go buy the swipe, by miles the best string cleaner available in the market.
17 Sep 2010 20:39 | Quote
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boiling metal in salt will not stop it from rusting lol. Clean your fretboard real good next time you restring.

Then clean strings after every use and try to play with clean hands.

Good luck
17 Sep 2010 20:49 | Quote
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ChicagoMedic says:
try to play with clean hands.

+1 100% I change the strings on the guitars for my church and I've had times when strings were shot after 1 week where people would not wash their hands before they play.
18 Sep 2010 00:34 | Quote
Joined: 05 Jun 2010
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I suggest changing the strings instead of cleaning them. Allthough this is a more expensive way to go. But to me it's well worth the expense.

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