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how rap SHOULD sound!

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21 May 2010 19:51 | Quote
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haha its funny just thought i would share it with you guys!!
watch it!
Im not a big fan of rap at all but this is funny.
22 May 2010 01:15 | Quote
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being an intellectual hipster from the midewest of 'murrica, it is nice to see that there are people like this in other parts of the world. i mean... i KNOW that they exist... but it's just nice to have videofilm proof of it.
22 May 2010 07:22 | Quote
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a read the title thinking "mmm todays "rap" would sound 'good' muted!" ...but found this nice lil Y-Tube nugget instead!

HanX! fer UP-ing that, ...i'm still laughing!


22 May 2010 20:39 | Quote
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