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21 Feb 2007 14:06 | Quote
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I am a beginner level guitarist. I actually sing in my band but I wish that I could play the guitar as well. My band needs a base guitarist and I thought that perhaps I should try to do that, eventually, while I sing. I know the chords theoritically but I know there's a long way to go. The biggest problem I have is strumming in a constant pattern through out especially if I'm trying to sing along. Can some one throw any ideas on how to get the strumming right and consistent? I know practice would help. :) But besides that any key thing that could help as well?
22 Feb 2007 07:31 | Quote
United States
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record it and listen to it, that is what i did when i had to learn a set in a few days for a band, and when i say listen to it i mean dont stop till you are shy of hating it and then you should know all the changes and you wont really have to count just know your changes, worked for me
may work for you good luck

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