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cleaning the guitar neck??

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9 May 2010 19:42 | Quote
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does anyone know what i should use to clean all the dirt and like oils off of my guitar neck? my guitar teacher said like lemon oil or something i dont remember but he said to ask someone else cause he wasnt really sure.
9 May 2010 19:47 | Quote
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a little bit of sweeping and it should be good as new!

(hahaha, get it? ;))

just kidding, i have no idea
9 May 2010 20:02 | Quote
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Your guitar teacher is absolutely correct. Lemon oil is the way to go. All you need is Lemon oil, a credit card and a soft rag. You can use the credit card to scrape the dirt caked around your frets, then rub the neck down with a small amount of lemon oil. Let your guitar sit for a bit to give the lemon oil a chance to seep into the wood. All you need from there is a set of fresh strings and you'll be set to shred.

Rock on!
9 May 2010 20:32 | Quote
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@BBT haha i love it! guitar puns are awesome. haha.
@Guitarslinger okay cool, thanks, its been bugging me so much and on my old guitar it looks so bad. haha.
9 May 2010 22:10 | Quote
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I use Murphy's oil soap (diluted) and a toothbrush.
10 May 2010 07:44 | Quote
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i use fine grade steel-wool to knock the scum and varnish off a bit (should see the Martins neck lol) it will kill the finish on the back of the neck, so , unless ya dont care what the neck(back) LOOKS like, a bit of lemon oil and a nice steel-wool wipe "speed up" the neck.

like i said this will kill any 'finish' on the back, but hey! who see's that anyways lol


10 May 2010 09:56 | Quote
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i was at a guitar center just impulse buying things with a gift certificate when the guy recommended some sort of oil based cleaner. not sure exactly what's in it. not sure if i like it, either. after treating the wood it becomes very "wet". i mean it's not wet, but you are adding moisture to the wood and it's soaking it up,a nd when it soaks up that wood it kind of makes the fretboard have almost an adhesive quality to it. i mean it's every so slight but it's noticeable. this only lasts for a little bit until all the moisture has evaporated but it still kind of irks me.

murphy's oil. hilarious. when i was a pledge at the old fraternity house murphy's oil was the ONLY thing we were allowed to use to clean the foyer. not sure why even to this day. but murphy's oil was always an inside joke to us...

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