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Are you a Guitar Player or Music Lover?

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25 Oct 2005 18:07 | Quote
United States
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Good people of the world? That excludes alot of people in this and any other forum.
11 Dec 2005 21:20 | Quote
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Admin, will you please remove all of my post?
Thank you :)
12 Dec 2005 01:10 | Quote
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1 Aug 2006 01:38 | Quote
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22 Aug 2006 02:00 | Quote
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i'm Both
I'm beginer guitar player but i sing and i luv heaps of music
22 Aug 2006 02:04 | Quote
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both also.

i dont think you can call yourself a guitarist if you dont already love music.

hehehe how many of you can say youre also working towards a music degree?

classes started yesterday ;)
23 May 2007 10:01 | Quote
United States
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Music lover. I have learned a few different instruments before I started playing the guitar. I love how playing the guitar helped me to be a better singer.
23 May 2007 16:32 | Quote
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well, we are all guitar players, that's why we joined this forum!

and you can't really be any type of musician if you don't like music :P

i prefer guitar over piano though, as it's far more versatile.
28 May 2007 22:19 | Quote
United States
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im both. i realized i had to be both to play good. i just recently have been done learning music theory, well the intermediate stuff, scales, sharps, modes, positions, diff. keys, arpeggios, diminished, triads, sweep picking, tapping, etc. so now i study music like bach, paganini, classical, mostly neo-classical, and i have become more intellectual in music due to my music studies. so if someone says they are either or, they must not now, that they are both. because if you are just a guitar player, then you just pllay, no feeling blah bla blah. if you are 'just' a music lover, then you just know what sounds good, but have no rythem, i have noticed these things. im not dissing anyone. im just saying, if you play guitar, you love music and guitar equally. because you cant be either or.
30 May 2007 11:04 | Quote
United Kingdom
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hi peopel,
well i am a music lover but i also love to make music ! i am new to this site bu its cool by the way how do i upload my profile photo i want a kurt cobain picture !
30 May 2007 11:47 | Quote
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go to profile at the top of the page, click browse and choose your pic to upload, but it cant be bigger than 15kb. Then click update when you're done.

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