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Request: List of BT and background loops.

Music and Bands
12 Apr 2010 15:26 | Quote
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Throw here your lists of Backing track sites or sites with drum and background loops. I found them fun way to practise.

hers couple what I use (pretty cool one)

12 Apr 2010 20:17 | Quote
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United States
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Dude, thanks for sharing those links Emp :D I really like the one, so many backing tracks available :D

*thumbs up* *super awesome face*

also, somebody else posted this place on here a while back so... I can't take credit for this one XD
13 Apr 2010 06:55 | Quote
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Thanks, Emp. They look interesting. I think I've seen one or two of them before but I thought they sucked without even checking them properly so now I'm gonna have a better look at them.

Casey, thanks an effin million, man. I've been looking for that one for so long now. I think somebody else posted a link here a while ago but then I forgot the URL.
1 May 2010 17:20 | Quote
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Another one that could come handy to you guys. It's just percussion but it looks very practical and you can also very easily save your loops.

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