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Lead Guitar Skills

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11 Feb 2007 05:36 | Quote
United Kingdom
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I would like to develop my guitar playing and would like suggestions on how to improve my lead guitar technique? Are there any scales or lead tabs that you can recommend? Cheers
14 Feb 2007 08:26 | Quote
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Not an easy question but I will give you some help that has enable me to start off lead guitar work

1 the most popular scale would be the pentatonic scale and the blues scales. But suggest that you learn the major scale and how they can be associated with the chords so you know what they can be played over

2 Next suggest that you learn to pick up and down start slowly and one day you will become a fast

3 The pentatonic scale played up and down is boring but then mix it up you might want to skip strings, bend a few strings, do some pull offs and hammer ons. This will help with your technique and builds up strength in your hand. Also use the little finger as well, but if you begin to feel in any pain stop and take a break

4 Play a song you enjoy and learn it note by note take your time no rush and then learn another. This I found helped me with solo work the different notes speeds and different types of bends stuff like that. It also help me to build up how a certain guitarist worked in which scale they used and the type of style they played. Anyway, these are what I consider the basic of lead work and I have left a very good link for you

you may like to try this link

Another site whish is free by the way!!! Is full of tunes and easy things and lessons ect. I have in the past used this site and help others as well the site is

Good luck

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