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speed exercises

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5 Feb 2007 20:28 | Quote
United States
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I'm an intermediate/advanced player at this point, but my one weakness as far as complete playing goes is my speed. I am in a death metal band and speed is of course a huge factor. Does anyone have any good speed exercises that will help me with my finger speed and stamina?
6 Feb 2007 15:08 | Quote
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try to find some books like speed mechanics by troy stetina or creative guitar 2 : advanced techniques or terrifying technique for guitar by carl culpepper , it's not meant for typically death metal but it's full of exercises
16 Feb 2007 23:22 | Quote
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ive found the best way to practice playing fast is to play slooooow. run through your scales and whatever licks your gonna try and pull and work them out slowly. slow and precise is what your after. then of course work your way up with your speed but dont get ahead of yourself. and i think they have little finger weight things you can wear to help with your dexterity.
20 Feb 2007 08:39 | Quote
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United Kingdom
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yeah, practice slowly. speed is a by-product of accuracy. playing really fast without being accurate will sound crap, and make you look a bit stupid!
7 Mar 2007 19:01 | Quote
New Zealand
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if you havent got told already by someone, get a METRONOME!!
and yeah, ALWAYS start slow, and slowly build up your speed.
isnt it kinda weird that even though you asked how to increase your speed, everyone tells you to play slowly. but its true, left and right hand co-ordination is also a big thing.
my suggestion, get a whole bunch of scale patterns down packed, and then go over them again and again, starting slow and steady, then build your speed up.
Tom morello of RATM and audioslave said in an interview that one of the biggest things that helped him was when a friend of his told him to practice for 1 hour every day without fail, and the key here is WITHOUT FAIL, if he ever messed up he'd start over.
13 Mar 2007 19:48 | Quote
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United States
i need a metronome soooooooo bad! im just now realizing this
21 Apr 2007 16:05 | Quote
United States
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jabedoo, there is a metronome on here! it is a really good one, and the best part....its free!!!!
23 Apr 2007 08:07 | Quote
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Agree with everyone with starting slow. Speed like someone said is product of accuracy totally agree with that. Legato I base most if not all my speed on this also up and down picking with a heavy pick. You have to know the scales you wish to place your speed on also timing is everything so nothing much to add. By the way make sure that you mute those unwanted strings as you will get string noise and seen so many so called fast players who play like shit as missing chucks of notes out and not mixing it up a bit. Remember speed is something just to add and you should use sparely and not base the whole solo on this as it will just become to boring.

Also little tip open strings gives you extra notes along with sliding that can make it sound interesting as well. Was asked long time ago can I build up my speed? Anyone can but the rhythm and timing comes from both left and right hand miss a note at a fast pace then you will find it impossible to recover and it will be herd, unlike slow when you can balls up and add a passing note in to make sound like you meant it.

Hope that helps as well.
25 Apr 2007 08:04 | Quote
United Kingdom
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Yeh I know This site is the best thing.. I just recently found it a couple weeks back and its just... awesome...
But your right though Speed is important for death metal like, I dont play death metal however!, I do need more practice on speed myself.. Bit slow in the dexterity department meee

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