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5 Feb 2007 16:59 | Quote
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ive been playing a while now but lately when i play a progression like eb ,ab bb my right hand is hurting all the time ,ive tried doing hand crunhces but its not going aways im having to stuggle though to the end of the song im playing in discomfort.any reason and suggestion please? am i strechting or pressing to tight down on the string?
5 Feb 2007 17:46 | Quote
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Okay may be I can help you.

I always try and make my thumb press lightly against the back of the threating hand also make sure then when stretching you have your thumb in the middle makes life easy. It may feel strange at first but it a good way of not putting to much strain on the wrist. Relax when playing far too many players go tense like holding your breathe like you are about to go under water. You should be very relaxed and thinking of summer holidays that is how relax you should be. Also never over stretch I am very comfortable around the 5 7 9 threat on the guitar after that life becomes a whole different matter. Try some warm ups scales, chords of the song slow and the do a chromatic pattern until your fingers are warm and you are relax as possible. If sitting down playing make you shoulders relax and not screwed up as I have busted my middle of my back that way many years ago.

If you are in pain no point in pushing your limits have a break then go back. I would say if you smoke this has affect that the blood can not pump around the body and your wrists get tied out.

Hope this help
Remember TO RELAX, TAKE A BREAK, WARM UP it like doing a whole new sport don't push yourself until you hurting no professional sports person would or guitarist.

Sorry if I went on a bit and my English is not that good


22 May 2007 09:49 | Quote
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good advice. Also check the action and make sure the neck has remained straight. A warped neck and action that is too high can make playing a chore. I'm guessing that you are playing lefty.? If not I have no idea why your right hand would be hurting. Maybe Carpel Tunnel?

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