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4 Feb 2007 22:38 | Quote
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hepzzzzzzz............what is the best guitar finger exercise of all you can give to me?.............plzzzzzzzz
5 Feb 2007 11:03 | Quote
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i find the most helpful to learn all the different permutations you can have with 4 fingers and practice them all over the fretboard
1234 2134 3124 4123
1243 2143 3142 4132
1324 2314 3214 4231
1342 2341 3241 4213
1432 2431 3412 4312
1423 2413 3421 4321

so play them from first string to last string , move one position up , do it again but from lowest to topstring and then move up till you get to 12th fret then turn back, this is particularly good for your finger independence , you will good more result of you focus on the harder ones like 1342 ,...

this is just one of the thousands of exercises of you have , this exercise is good for any style , any type of thing you would do , you can later add some things to it if it gets too simple , like string skips , variations , combine several combinations into one exercise etc..

good luck
5 Feb 2007 12:55 | Quote
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United Kingdom
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Not sure if you will be able to get it in the Philippines, but the 'Chops Workout' by Frank Gambale is absolutely fantastic. It is a 45 minute workout and covers everything in lead guitar playing. I have only had it a few weeks and have already noticed a real improvement in my playing.
5 Feb 2007 13:07 | Quote
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are you meaning chop builder by it or speed picking or is something else by frank gambale i don't know about! let me know if you could give it someway to me!

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