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4 Feb 2007 18:20 | Quote
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hey i recently started playing guitar, though ive became a good player.. i just wanna try it all. does anyone has experience with singin and playin simultaneously??
i really wanna try it all so please help
11 Feb 2007 11:11 | Quote
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Yeah. I often try to play guitar and sing at the sam time, but it just doesn't work, especially with "complicated" rythm songs. Anybody have an idea to help me and Che with this!
12 Feb 2007 13:49 | Quote
United States
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i'm having a hard time doing both too.. but i remember when i was just starting out playing guitar.. my mom told me that i should hum the lyrics along with my playing.. she said that it could help me overcome the difficulties of singing and playing guitar at the same time.. as of this point i still cant sing, but thats because i stopped doin it and i focused so much in playing guitar rather than singing.. Give it a shot.. who might work for you both..
14 Feb 2007 13:21 | Quote
United States
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You could record your song first, and then record your singing while the song plays through headphones. Then, mix them together using a software program on your computer. :-p Lol.

Honestly, though. The best thing to do is play along with a song from your stereo. Any song that you can play well on guitar and memorize lyrics to are a good start. Maybe something like ZZ Top's - La Grange or Radiohead's - Creep if you can tolerate those tunes.
21 Feb 2007 09:47 | Quote
United States
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if you like nirvana that is the easy was for me to learn to sing and play, that or come up with a really easy progression and start writing simple lyrics make every thing like 4 beats or 4 parts and will take the counting out of it for the most part
good luck
23 Feb 2007 09:37 | Quote
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Try playing and singing at the same time, but really slowly. Its like learning to play all over again - getting your left and right hands to work at the same time. Now you've gotta get your left hand, right hand and vocals to all work independently of each other. A hard thing to do is play the guitar part and sing, without singing the guitar part!

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