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what shold i do next

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first of all just want to say...this is an amazing has been my teacher for both music theory and guitar.... to be able to write a song..and then come here and find out the connections between the chords i use is amazing

now for the questions..third of maaaany.

since i am teaching myself i dont really know what to learn and in what order. i know most open chords and then the basic bar chords... major, minor, seventh... the only scale i know so far is the pentatonic minor box...

i would like to know suggestions of where to go from there

i am focusing on rythm guitar...thanks

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Practice switching between the chords you already know until you can do it quickly. Then learn some inversions - look at the post i made a minute ago. You could learn chords that use notes above the octave, for example 9th and 13th, etc. as well as 6ths and suspended chords (sus2 and sus4)

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