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Right hand skillz

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30 Jan 2007 20:36 | Quote
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Hi again guys!!!

I've been working on my scales, and some songs that I like. And I cant play some of them fast yet (namley the old school thrash stuff). And while practicing I had an observation...

It seems my left hand is much faster than my right...

So to make a long story shirt, what can I do to work on my right hand? Are there any type of drills or things I can do to build speed on my right hand?
1 Feb 2007 11:38 | Quote
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any kind of scales will do the trick. just start slow and build up speed. If u go crazy fast, u'll feel that ur right hand will freeze like Sh**. that means ur overloading the speed that ur right hand can handle. So dont do it that way. and remember that everything bout guitar takes time, people have varying degrees when it comes to muscle memory. Some people learn so fast while some learn very slow. Thats just how life is! so dont feel bad when u feel like ur practicing more than enough and yet u dont see any improvements. Just be pateint! Patience is a Virtue! LOL Good luck!
18 Jul 2007 16:28 | Quote
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Well I guess that you probably neither can play as fast as you left hand top speed nor your right hand top speed. The secret is to learn how to combine them and be exact while playing. And you learn that from what zmazz said, practising scales and arpeggios

have it
25 Aug 2007 17:10 | Quote
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Set your metronome, and play each string for 8 counts, moving up and down the strings. When you get fast doing that, start skipping strings and other patterns. If you do that every day for ten minutes, you can double or triple your right- hand speed (depending on how long you've been playing overall) in just a few weeks. Now its my left-hand thats slower.
26 Sep 2007 10:23 | Quote
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As I said, you'll have to combine them, start slow and work up faster with a metronome. It's quite a bad idea trying to work up the speed with just the right or the left while the only way getting faster is getting fast with your both hands...

30 Sep 2007 15:52 | Quote
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i have the same problem my left hand is way faster than my ryt so u might wanna take advantage of ur left hand speed by using hammer ons nd pull offs thats wat i did nd it worked,,i dont pick that much wen it comes 2 playing leads..
2 Oct 2007 11:38 | Quote
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i agree with should work on both hands left hand used to be way faster then my right hand, and like iqo_riffai, i used to hardly pick when i played leads cause id play everything legato. it was only just recently that ive got both of my hands working together at equal speed. i accomplished this by doing two things...first-if you look in my lesson "guitar 101 part 3" you'll see two finger exercises. the second one was shown to me by an old jamming buddy and it helped in a huge way. the second thing i did was play repetitive three and four note patterns starting out slow and building up speed as i example of what i mean:


try it out and see if it helps any...(make sure to pick every note!!)

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