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Music Theory
27 Jan 2010 19:33 | Quote
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Can someone explain what arpeggios are for me and how they help in making solos?
27 Jan 2010 20:05 | Quote
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my explanation of them:

arpeggios are taking the notes of a chord(A minor for example) and playing them separately in any given pattern. They help with solos in the sense that they are melodic in their appeal to the underlying progression.

Don't know if that's correct, but it's how I've always thought of arpeggios.
27 Jan 2010 22:01 | Quote
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Here are a few lessons I posted on Arpeggios.


Scales and Arpeggios Practice

And so you can practice on this - you can use this site's Arpeggio application here: Clicky here :)
1 Feb 2010 07:36 | Quote
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usually when people use arpeggios in solos its in a sweep context but you can do other stuff with them aswell
1 Feb 2010 07:38 | Quote
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... you could do what paul gilbert does .. .he breaks them up and put them together differently

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