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25 Jan 2010 17:16 | Quote
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Ive been playing guitar for about three years now and every time i play I get this bad pain in the knuckle of my index finger on my fretting hand (my left). It sometimes hurts to bend even when I'm not playing. I was just wondering if this happens to anybody else...
25 Jan 2010 19:45 | Quote
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you may want to have a professional doctor/physician look at it. I don't think that is a good sign, you could have some tendon problems or something(though I'm not a doctor so don't quote me on that)
25 Jan 2010 20:38 | Quote
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You crack your knuckles a lot?
25 Jan 2010 23:21 | Quote
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could be a repetitive stress injury, hard to say.
26 Jan 2010 04:47 | Quote
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agreed with case211
i've broke the bone that holds the pinky finger befor 7 weeks now i can't move my finger like i used to its so hard and pain full so i think u better go c a doctor just to be shor.

27 Jan 2010 19:28 | Quote
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Ya I think its a repetitive stress thing because I injured it in July during football conditioning, and it still hurts.Plus Ive stopped cracking my knuckles for the most part. Ill make sure that I get a doctor to look at it.
28 Jan 2010 07:39 | Quote
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Yes sounds rsi to me too. you must rest it.

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