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technical question.....(maybe a dumb question)

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29 Jan 2007 09:12 | Quote
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i just purchased the yamaha apx 900.....can i install a humbucker pickup on this friend (who is a lot more experienced that me) said I couldn't because of its electrical that true?

If he's wrong and i hope he is.....which should i get?

thanks in advance
29 Jan 2007 15:01 | Quote
United Kingdom
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I'm a little confused here is the yamaha apx range acustics? if yes WHY!! do you want to put a humbucker into the guitar, as these pickups are have been designed to used in solid body or semi's not acoustics....i'm sorry but i'm just haveing a hard time getting head round what you plan to do!!Personaly i think your mad and mabe your friend thinks the same but is just being nice by sayin it can't be done. If you still wanna go ahead and do it there are ways and means of sorting it out but it may involve cutting a drilling the body (OUCH!!!)

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