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Backing tracks

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12 Jan 2010 20:59 | Quote
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If you know a good site for backing tracks post a link so we can all check'em out.

Here is a good site for blues.
12 Jan 2010 21:40 | Quote
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heres some online jam tracks, fun to play with. this might be a good topic to sticky
12 Jan 2010 21:54 | Quote
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biggest site ever,im a proud admin too!! been there since i started playing guitar,i learned everything i know there,the forum is thead now tho,but the backings are still available
13 Jan 2010 10:51 | Quote
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Not a huge selection of backing tracks, but some good stuff to jam to. The website is run by the guitarist of Steve Vai's band (or at least was). He's got some great chops :-P
7 Jan 2012 00:46 | Quote
Joined: 07 Jan 2012
since you asked for it, let me invite you to check out

its a fresh project with free user-recorded backing tracks, I've been active there a bit lately.
7 Jan 2012 01:50 | Quote
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You can also write in backing tracks in the youtube search.

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