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First live gig

Band Promotion
30 Dec 2009 05:40 | Quote
Joined: 11 Feb 2009
Here is a song from my new bands first gig ever:

Comment on what's good and what we could do better!

Grateful for every answer // Jonka
1 Jan 2010 12:48 | Quote
Joined: 23 Jun 2008
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Ive noticed a little nervous playing at the start (oh well, much less nervous than my first time anyway :P)

Playing was great, I really enjoyed the solos, though those could be a little wider scale, licks were pretty similar, nicely played though.

when you get more experience, I would love to see more action on the stage :P. (if not prefer Richie Blackmore or Eric Clapton style anyway)

Overall...It rocks.
4 May 2010 14:38 | Quote
Joined: 23 Mar 2010
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loved it :)
4 May 2010 17:39 | Quote
Joined: 23 Dec 2007
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Well slap my fanny and call me ginger! That was one of the best "first live gig" posts I've seen on this forum sir! Shows how important it is to practice, practice, practice before stepping on stage. Well done! (keep the vocalist, because he's also one of the best i've heard on this forum)
5 May 2010 13:45 | Quote
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Go Sweden!
7 May 2010 12:01 | Quote
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Nice way to start! ... keep it up!
Nice 'homage' to Hendrix (intro: first lines of Voodoo Child [intended or not]) ;~)

gotta echo the Phipster here .. one of (if not the) best "1st gig" posts i've seen here.


8 May 2010 00:27 | Quote
Joined: 12 Jul 2009
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Yeah, i can only agree with Empirism on this one, sounded great except for the first few seconds. Just sounded a little hesitant.

Keep it up!

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