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25 Jan 2007 06:56 | Quote
Posts: 37 band and I were practicing 4 quite some time now and were starting to make our own composition...though we've made a few songs there are still some parts of our compos that need some development...example is we dont have a clue of making a lead solo....and how can we improve the dexterity and agility of our fingers....
any help would be greatly appreciated...
thanx in advance
25 Jan 2007 11:34 | Quote
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- make your leadsolo in the key of your song or rhythm section underneath the solo , this is the simplest way , use pentatonics where necessary
- dexterity and agility can be trained by doing lots of exercises , find some exercises on the net , books , ... doing them frequently will make these fingers faster and better in control of what they're doing

well this is very briefly... offcourse
30 Jan 2007 19:53 | Quote
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just try learning some solos you like, then you get ideas from there and then translate (i dont know how to say it) to the key of the intro in your song
(well, my friends with experience told me its useful)

try learning stairway to heavens solo, ive been playing for about a year and its not as dificult as it sounds

hope it helps

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