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3-way to 5-way

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22 Jan 2007 19:37 | Quote
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is it possible to make a 3-way pup selector to 5-way? How?
23 Jan 2007 09:33 | Quote
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Not as far as I'm aware, because I think each position on a five way is linked to a different piece of the circuit and there are connections between each of them. I knew someone who tried to see if they could do this and in the end just bought a five way selector instead, which worked out much cheaper than fiddling around with bits of circuitry.
24 Jan 2007 09:16 | Quote
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so if he bought a 5-way selector, does that mean he had to drill a hole in between bridge and neck pup for the middle pup? cuz the way i understand it, there has to be 3 pups to have a 5-way selector. am i right?
29 Jan 2007 15:15 | Quote
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Hi i think it possable to use a 5 way with just two pick ups if you go to the seymour duncan website under the support tab the is one called wiring diagrams have a dig around on there as far as i can remember it shows how to wire two humbuckers to a five way switch......hope this helps
12 Feb 2007 05:02 | Quote
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Hi Zmazz !!!

Ofcourse you can use a 5Way switch.....

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