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G13sus ?

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22 Jan 2007 08:35 | Quote
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Ho please help me... what's the difference between a G13 and a G13sus? I think I don't understand this notion of suspended chord. And, I'm looking for some special chords: D+7(9#), and in my score there is a difference between a Amaj7 and a A+7 (?). Thanks
22 Jan 2007 17:06 | Quote
United Kingdom
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suspended just means that the 3rd is replaced by a new note eg, sus4 means the 4th replaces the 3rd, the D+7(9#) sounds like an altered chord, the + just means it has an augamented 5th in it (so raise it by a semitone) and the 7 & #9 are the intervals to include

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