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question about diatonic 9 chords

21 Nov 2009 21:09 | Quote
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what is the diatonic 9 chord for the phygian mode and locrian mode?

would the phrygian arpeggio/chord be minor 7 flat 9?

im not sure about the locrian arpeggios though, could it be min9 flat 5?
22 Nov 2009 03:23 | Quote
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Both modes use b9 intervals, seeing as it's only a semitone from the root to the 2nd. That's one of the reasons why locrian is so unstable harmonically, it can only be incorporated into a select few situations.

That is, if you're going for a harmonic and tonal sound; if not, let the flat 9s roll!!

26 Nov 2009 00:17 | Quote
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i going to one step father and write it out.



now you should memorize this(steps of modes) if you haven't already. Also know harmony is built on thirds so the harmony is



know if you know how to built/the steps chords you know you can take and chose what you want and i don't have to bring up sus/adds/6vs13

@raven a few select situations???? That's like saying diminished chords don't exist or Ionian only used for a few selected situations just the major chords. granted i will admit i don't used the locrian that much use a mode of melodic minor(when I'm thinking modes), but it can fit into more then just a few places. Through i think we ran into this before where you tend to come at things in a more classical mind frame and i guess(i know) there is nothing wrong with that. but i don't know if you where saying this but dissonances dose not mean atonal. All Tonal means that is has a key are you implying that, let's say flamenco is atonal?

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