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What scale should I use?

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18 Jan 2007 11:18 | Quote
United Kingdom
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Iv been playing for four years an have just found the wonders of theory but im confused as to how to pick which scale to use. For example, iv got a rhythm part whch consists of Cm, Bdim, G, Cm which are all part of a medolic minor triad using a i, vii*, v, i progression. How on earth do i determine which scales i can use to write a melody and solo with?
18 Jan 2007 17:33 | Quote
United Kingdom
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well, you could use the C melodic minor, switching to B altered and G dominant aeolian for the chord changes, all these modes have the same notes as the C melodic minor. it's easy to see, as each note in the scale has its own respective chord, with a different mode attached that can be played over it, i hope that makes sense?
18 Jan 2007 18:46 | Quote
United States
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With the minor mode, the chords used are usually taken from the Harmonic minor scale, while the Melodic minor scale is used(since it doesn't have the akward augmented 2nd between Ab and B) for melodies or leads. Since all of the notes are diatonic to the Harmonic/Melodic minor scales, you can use either of them over the whole progression.
19 Jan 2007 03:54 | Quote
United Kingdom
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Cheers guys, thats a big help. Many thanks for the advise.
19 Jan 2007 07:02 | Quote
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hi all!

I'd like to ask about scales and cathegory of music... so If i want to play for example blues, i know i will use blues scale, but if I want to play indie, alternative music which is good for me...?

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