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What to pracitce?

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My first post.

I've been a beginner for far too long and I'm looking to get to the point where I can jam with others. I realize I need to know how to play all different kinds of scales and such. Because there are so many scales which ones do I need to know first and how will I know when to move on to the next one?
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just pick a scale that you want to learn(more so, just pick a key, for example the key of A major).
After you can memorize the notes and shapes along each string, start learning a different major scale(like B, C, etc.).

after a while you'll notice that if you start on a different note within the scale it will sound different, don't fret about that just yet though, make sure you know a scale in and out first before trying to learn another scale.

hope this helps you out, I remember being in the same position, this is what I did, just picked A major, learned it ,and kept doing that until I wanted to learn modes, but don't worry about those yet, try to get the major scale down first and foremost.

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