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Intervals instead of Note Values

19 Nov 2009 04:57 | Quote
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First off, love the site. Most useful tool on the internet for me.

Would it be possible to have a setting in the "scale" section where it will only show the root name and label the rest of the notes in the scale based on their interval? This way you can see what the intervals are as you are practicing and the root note is obviously seen

19 Nov 2009 13:16 | Quote
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Welcome :D

It already says what the interval is in the box underneith which says "Scale - " and then lists off the numbers, sometimes containing sharps and sometimes containing flats. Does that make it any easier?

Personally I think this site is perfect the way it is, and if it were to get any easier, people shouldn't really call themselves musicians if they're being shown what to do the whole way. I always tell people an important aspect of music is self discovery. It gives the musician more of a drive to understand more and to enjoy the challenge of not knowing something... Perhaps that's just me but I hope not!
20 Nov 2009 22:54 | Quote
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it is more possible on the chord section and not a bad idea but i don't know the programing it could be a lot of work. but for scales it would be a a ridiculous task not to mention is it a #4 or b5 stuff that would never be able to work out not to mention a sore on the eyes with all the stuff going on. I imagine that's also why the admin just has sharps not flats.

but it's the admin who's doing the programing so it is up to him if he what to take it on. So In my opinion chords yes, scales no just to much going on, could be wrong he is a great programmer and it could just be a flick of a button, but i doubt it.

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