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scale suggestions??

18 Nov 2009 11:57 | Quote
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hey i was wondering if anybody can suggest some good scales with chords for indie type of music i cant seem to find it anybody???
18 Nov 2009 13:39 | Quote
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ya mean "indie" music, aka-independent?
Same chords and scales as most folks ... aint being snarky ;) just sayin'....

try the basic Major Modal system(s) and grab the basic seven 'modes' from it, beginning w/ Ionian (#1 Major) and Aeolian (#6 Minor)

Then grab the old
"cowboy chords" (Open strings involved)

The Basic Barres: Major, Minor, (dom)7, Maj-7, Min-7, and sus(4)

thats the recipe!
but don't play the recipe, play the MEAL :-)


19 Nov 2009 14:52 | Quote
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Hahahah! LOL @ the last part.
Aye, thanks Carl. I guess I didn't ask a question like this (not the exact one) cause I thought somebody would sooner or later and I'd just take a look at the answer when they're not lookin'. :P
So, thanks for the answer.
I think now I'm gonna start to learn all about that 'modes' thongy that everybody seems to be talkin about it.
About "Then grab the old "cowboy chords" (Open strings involved)". (I find) it('s) funny you said that cause at the time I just learnt to play barre chords I was jamming with my best pal and after playing a song where barre chords were involved I actually swore to him I'd never play open chords (As and Es excluded) on an electric guitar again. I haven't really kept the promise but just because I broke it on about 6 or 7 occasions. LOL! However, I'm willing to keep that promise. :P
About the next part after that: Aye, kewl. What I said about them barre chords, I meant just Majors and Minors and the ones I'vre recently learned properly (more or less), Major sevenths (Maj7). But now that you mentioned those others, I think I'm gonna learn those, too.
So, thanks again Carl! XD! Very much appreciated.

Keep'a Rocking!

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