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Trying to learn to play a song

7 Nov 2009 13:06 | Quote
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I'm hoping i placed this in the right section of the forum lol. I am a beginner learning on an acoustic guitar.

I'd like to learn to play the song "lonely tonight by matt wertz", it seems simple enough and is just a repetitive sequence for the most part. So here is my dilemma, I don't quite understand the tabs I've found for the song, mainly being @ I'd just much rather be shown/told the chords and go from there. I don't have quiet the ear yet for picking up such details from just hearing the song.

I've pretty much got down just the majors and minor, still always room for improvement of course.

If anyone would care to lend a helping hand, or ear! would be very great and much appreciated. Thank you in advance!
7 Nov 2009 13:09 | Quote
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here is the link to the tab by the way.

Not exactly sure what I'm to do with all that jumble lol. Chords would just be easier, no?
9 Nov 2009 08:25 | Quote
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Welcome to the Forum. Check out the lesson on tabs on this site. It might help you.
9 Nov 2009 08:58 | Quote
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