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in need of some "ugly" sounding chords

6 Nov 2009 21:25 | Quote
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i want chords that sound wierd other then aug, dim, mMAJ7. are there any others?
6 Nov 2009 22:32 | Quote
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plays 3x442x

I do this in a progression of:

Bm, Gmaj7b5, F#m, A6add9

:-P Sounds very sad and depressing. Great progression to work with.

Play the A6add9 as 0x4200
7 Nov 2009 10:20 | Quote
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Drop yer fingers on the fretboard and play whatever notes they land on. It is not theoretical at all however, sometimes a bit of luck or randomness is all you'll need.
7 Nov 2009 13:58 | Quote
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is a minor-major 7 the same as a dominant 7 add #9 chord?
I suggest that one. :)
7 Nov 2009 14:13 | Quote
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you could just call it 7#9 but i wouldnt say they are the same. and thats a good idea guitarslinger rofl
7 Nov 2009 18:43 | Quote
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@schecter--- No not at all. mMaj(1,b3,5,7) / 7#9(1,3,5,b7,#9). I don't now what key you like but I'll use C. C-mMaj7(C,Eb,G,B) / C-7#9(C,E,G,Bb,D#). there not even close to being the same, and even if they were synonyms(two different chords with the same notes), they shouldn't be thought of as the same, just you should know that share the same notes for chord subs.

@GMG--- I have never thought of aug or dim as wired or ugly but hell who am I(never have liked mMaj7 unless it fits diatoincally). but to answer your question try playing chords with the 7th in the base(3rd inversion) they tend to sound bad. of chords with clashing tones sus chords with the 3rd are tension filled(the most dissonant interval is the Tritone then the 7th and b9 play with them[don't always have to compare with the root the 4th is the b9 of the 3rd]). tone clusters can get funky, or get a hat with all the tones in it and go fishing.
13 Nov 2009 12:27 | Quote
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21 Nov 2009 13:19 | Quote
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This is the "Hemispheres Chord" that Alex Lifeson of Rush likes to use:
003442 (eBGADE)

It's good both arpeggio'd and strummed.

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