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Notes on Fretboard

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10 Jan 2007 20:06 | Quote
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I'm really trying to get into the whole scale thing but i dont know where the notes are located on the fretboard. So Should i learn where all the notes are? If so, what is the easiset way of doing this?
10 Jan 2007 20:09 | Quote
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I know the major and minor scale and the minor pentatonic. But i'm having trouble doing solos because i dont know how to stay in key because i dont know what notes im hitting. So basically, im just playing the scale up and down or hitting random notes.

How can i fix this problem?
10 Jan 2007 22:05 | Quote
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The Guitar Soloing book would be good for you.

here's a sample of track 14 that I improvised over
13 Jan 2007 12:56 | Quote
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I don't know if you can still get these little sticky strips that you use to put next to the fret that gave you all the information on notes you needed to learn. If I can remember or find them I will let you know.

U may like to have a look at this link

Just hover over the fretboard and it will show you each notes or even left click to make the note stay put. Ignore if you like what scale it came up with

May like to look at my little tips and help

Found what the sticky notes are called
fretboard note spellers

Hope that this helps

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