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How do I hold my fingers?

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4 Jan 2007 01:26 | Quote
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I'm pretty much a noob at guitar so bare with me here.

A little background story if your interested-

My friend bought me a bass for my 16th birthday (month and a week ago) and he taught me how to play bass. I learned tabs and nothing else, I've gotten O.K. at it, I can play some songs, my friend says I would be a better guitar player so I picked up my dads guitar and he tried to teach me chords and I just couldn't understand. I found this website about an hour ago and I learned just learned how to play some basic chords and that made me happy :D

idk if I have my hands in the right position though, I don't want to grow a bad habit. I know I have them in the right place and it sounds right but is there anything I should know? Am I soposed to use the pinky? because I don't.

thanks in advanced ;D
4 Jan 2007 10:14 | Quote
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it's a kind of weird question : how to hold my fingers ?

is your question how to position my fingers( like in which finger for which fret?) or what is your question?

1. You should use your pinky , if not used you won't train your pinkyfinger which will be necessary for some chords or licks/riffs

2. your lefthand's thumb should mostly be behind the neck , except for bending or some chords which need notes played by the thumb

3. you could best use the 1 fret for each finger rule so 1-2-3-4 on tab played by each finger not using ringfinger for 3 and 4

don't know if this is clearly said but think you should wait for some other ppl to make a post that makes more sense

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