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How to best finger F7(9) ?

6 Oct 2009 18:01 | Quote
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One of the ways to end a blues tune is to go up or down to the 7(9) chord..

I'm curious about the best way to finger these chords. For instance the F7(9) has the top 3 strings, e,b,g played on the 7th fret of the top 3 strings and also the a on the 7th. But in between is the d string is played on the 6th fret. (sort of a reverse bar chord shape)

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index=A string
middle=D string
Ring=G string
pinky=B string(you don't really have to play the high E i've noticed, but you can bar G,B,E with your ring finger)
sorry but no pictures :( I can't get them uploaded at the moment
6 Oct 2009 20:32 | Quote
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Thanks Case.

I was using a bar with my pinky but not getting a clean sound. I tried it your way without the high e and get a cleaner but slightly less bluesy sound. On the positive side without the high e, moving the chord up and down a few frets has a 'bossa nova' flavour. I find I often stumble upon some sound when trying to practice another.

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