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Music Theory
27 Aug 2009 01:37 | Quote
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Can someone sum up the modes for me, what sound they give I mean.

I know that dorian and mixolydian give a jazzy sound, and that phrygian gives a spanish/flamenco sound.

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The modes have such a wide variety of sounds and each musician can bring something different out of each mode.....but heres what they roughly mean to me:

Ionion - major scale (nicey nice)
Dorion - Blues/Jazz with a funky note (Major 6th)
Phrygian - Spanishy (minor 2nd) (Can be very bluesy too)
Lydian - major with a naughty note (augmented 4th)(my fave)
Mixolydian - Blues with a sweet note (major 3rd against minor 7th!)
Aeolian - Blues/Jazz with a sad note (minor 6th)
Locrian - Down and Dirty with the devil's note (diminished 5th Rawk!)
27 Aug 2009 10:36 | Quote
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If you didnt did already, I strongly suggest you check out great lesson by Jazzmaverick that can be found

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