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Findin' Scales

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26 Dec 2006 11:52 | Quote
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I have a song with 3 chords only (G#,C minor and C#). How do i know what scale 2 play? Is there any rules how to find a scale?
26 Dec 2006 15:09 | Quote
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Yes, you need to use the G# major scale (or a related equivalent)! If you go into the 'chord progressions' section on the site and select 'G#' and 'major triads' you will find that the chords G#, C minor and C# are all in that scale. At this level, it's just a case of going through those chord progressions until you find the one with all of your chords in it. It may also be worth adding in a D# chord to your progression, as it is one of the primary chords in the key of G# major. Hope this has helped, good luck!
26 Dec 2006 16:38 | Quote
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i think finding the notes of each chord and see which scale it fits in will work. thats what i've been doing =P
26 Dec 2006 22:49 | Quote
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a good quick way to find a key is to look at the steps of the progression. say you have two minor chords a whole step apart ex. Amin and Bmin you will know that they are the second and third chords in the scale so your solo would be in Gmaj. i hope i didnt loose you on this but like afro raven said, check the site i consider this my musical cheet sheet. theres lots of good info.

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